Zosy is someone who never thought much about photography until she met me, her husband, in early 2008. I bought her a Kodak point and shoot camera as a gift. She seemed to enjoy photography so I bought her a Nikon P90 a short time later. Zosy was living in the Philippines at the time and I was in the U.S. With little help from anyone, she was soon sending me images that were quite impressive, especially for a beginner using a point and shoot camera. One of the pictures, a waterfall, is framed and hanging in our living room.

  After Zosy moved to the states, I gave her my Nikon D70 since I had purchased a D80. Then she inherited the D80 and got a new D5100, and now she has a D7000.

  Recently, Zosy has taken portraits of families, prenuptials, models, and children, and even a couple of weddings. It has been a real pleasure to see her progress from someone who had no idea what aperture meant to someone who frequently explains how cameras work to her friends. She rents a studio to shoot models and has learned to control her lighting very well.

  In addition to all that she has learned about photography, Zosy has learned Photoshop very well. She edits all of her photos herself (always shoots in raw mode).

  Given my own love of photography and art, I couldn't have found a better wife.

  Click Zosy's image above to go to her gallery page.

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